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Hose Inspection

In the dynamic world of offshore and onshore industries, maintaining asset integrity and safety is paramount. Among the crucial elements that play a pivotal role in these operations are hoses, responsible for the transportation of various substances. Just as cable transits keep compartments separated and prevent hazards, hose inspections are essential to verify their integrity […]

Cable Transits

Cable transits serve a crucial role on the offshore and marine installations. Their aim is to keep different compartments separated, and prevent the spread of fire, water, gas, or dust to adjoining areas, despite cables and wires running along and through walls at facilities. Just a few years ago IACS (The International Association of Classification […]

Inspectio launches new license plans

Inspectio is now launching three new license plans for our clients. With changing markets, new experiences, and renewed insight into our existing client base, we have decided to make it easier for our clients to choose a license plan fitted to their business. Our new license model is curated to each of our major client […]

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