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Cable Transits

Cable transits serve a crucial role on the offshore and marine installations. Their aim is to keep different compartments separated, and prevent the spread of fire, water, gas, or dust to adjoining areas, despite cables and wires running along and through walls at facilities. Just a few years ago IACS (The International Association of Classification Societies) introduced new class requirements for watertight cable transits.

Inspection of cable transits is essential to verify their integrity and ensure they continue to meet safety standards. Inspection frequency depends on manufacturer recommendations and regulatory requirements, in the offshore and marine industries the norm is for an annual review. What must be in place however is a register of your cable transits and documentation of maintenance and changes to the equipment, as mandated by regulations and class.

Combined expertise

Cable transits has long been one of Inspectios three focus areas, to ensure our inspection software is fitted to best handle inspection of all types of cable transits on the market, in accordance with all standards and requirements. We teamed up with our partner MCT Brattberg to learn and further improve our software. Together with MCT Brattberg, who has been designing and making cable transits since the 1950s, we are combining their expertise with our dynamic software to offer top of the line inspection of cable transits to both of our clients.

– Our partnership with MCT Brattberg enables an exchange of knowledge between both parties, and we are thrilled to continuously evolve the services we offer though this partnership, says Sigve Medhaug, Business Development Manager at Inspectio.

MCT Brattberg has themselves experienced the benefits of Inspectio and offer it to their clients for the inspection of their cable transits as best practice.

Developed for and by inspectors

Our software, Inspectio, is as mentioned above developed to encompass all the specifics needed to inspect and document maintenance of any cable transit, and it was developed for and by inspectors. In addition to that, we continuously improve and expand our services to encompass equipment groups and the inspection needs of our clients.

Simply put, we know cable transits, and have the experience to foresee what inspectors might need in terms of automated checklist, a reporting system for discrepancies and a compliance database.

Inspectio lets you perform inspections on your cable transits, as well as any other equipment you have whether it’s on a rig, vessel, or equipment on a smaller asset. All in accordance with updated regulations.

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