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How it works

The one inspection tool you always wanted

Inspectio mirrors your CMMS Work Orders, and streamlines every task in our unique one workflow inspection solution.

Always up to date historical compliance database

Your templates, your rules in one unique task workflow.

Easily follow progress in projects and campaigns

Everything is labeled and fuels in to our proprietary Task Engine to generate the correct task to the correct equipment.

Task reports and data receipts ensures historical documentation integrity

Filter and find equipment and its previous and upcoming tasks


Select from a handful of premade fixed domain templates, or create your own. Inspectio templates are dynamic and powerful opening a wide range of possibilities not found elsewhere.


No wifi? No problem. The mobile app and its Task Engine are fully functional even when offline.

Share data with a partner

Asset owner and need help with your inspection campaigns? Its your tasks and data, hence any service provider can work on your equipment using the mobile devices you have on your license.

Or you can contact an Inspectio partner that will save you time and cost in your operations. Partners are experienced Inspectio users and can bring their own devices.


We believe that making data available is the key to increased efficiency and to reducing operational costs. Inspectio offer custom integration to strategic partners, and a generic REST API to clients that need a seamless distribution.

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