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How it works

The one tool you want to use

Inspectio lets you observe, inspect and perform maintenance using the same tool. By streamlining every and any task, there’s no longer need for anyone to use different tools.

Compliance database

Get full controll and overview of your your equipment in the Inspectio compliance database.

Document any task

Inspection, maintenance, observations or surveys.

Know what to do

Easily follow progress in projects and campaigns

Find everything

Labels, or #hashtags if you like, makes finding the correct equipment or task easy.

Multiple tasks

Reduce time spent on different tasks by allowing the user to perform and document multiple tasks while working on an equipment

Digital twin

Every piece of equipment has its place in the software. It’s easy to find the equipment’s location, and easy to look up due-tasks and historical condition. Know everything, all the time.


Create your own checklists, Our checklist is dynamic and can be customized to behave exactly as you wish.


No wifi? No problem. The mobile app is fully functional even when offline. Synchronize your work once wifi is available.

Share data with a partner

Asset owner and need help with your inspection campaigns? Its your tasks and data, hence any service provider can work on your equipment using the mobile devices you have on you r lisence.

Or you can contact an Inspectio partner that will save you time and cost in your operations. Partners are experienced Inspectio users and can bring their own devices.


We believe that making data available is the key to increased efficiency and to reducing operational costs. Inspectio offer custom integration to strategic partners, and soon we have a REST API any verified 3rd party can connect to.

Simplify your workday

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    You’ll be saving time, costs and frustration in no time.
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