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Work better with Inspectio

Get full control of your equipment, comply to regulations and save valuable time, with streamlined inspection and task workflow in field.  

One workflow

Imagine performing inspections, maintenance, observations or any other task within one tool? With Inspectio that can be your reality. Inspectio streamlines any task in one common workflow so that your personnel don`t have to learn many different tools and prosesses.

Comply to regulations

Whatever standard or regulation you need to comply. Inspectio got you covered. Create the checklist and routine that you need and document your compliance. Never again worry about forgotten or undone tasks.

Save time

Your time is valuable, so use it vicely. Inspectio helps you take action where its needed the most, boosting efficiency, progress-awareness, safety and ultimately cutting down your operational costs.

For asset owners

Field maintenance and inspection the way it should be. Cooperate with your preferred service provider.

For service providers

Become a partner and get shared access to asset owner-databases and cooperate with licensed asset owners seamlessly. Or host a database yourself for your clients not yet a customer of Inspectio.

Save time and cost

51% overall time reduction

Time savings based on many successful projects

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Photo of IKM Elektro AS

IKM Elektro AS

IKM Elektro as a service provider and frequent user of Inspectio see that the transformation from manual check list to automated digital checklists, with on demand reporting capabilities, have increased the EX inspection quality while at the same time reduced the overall inspection time spent significantly in all our project.

Photo of Dolphin Drilling AS

Dolphin Drilling AS

We have now over some years used Inspectio as a system and tool to follow up on our EX inspections onboard our units. By using Inspectio we have registered a reduced use of man-hour up to 51% and improved the quality of inspection and registered corrective work orders. Based on this experience using Inspectio for EX inspection we have decided to use Inspectio as registering system for our Hose Management System too. We expect to see the same benefits for the Hose Management System as we have experienced from the EX inspections by using Inspectio.

Photo of COSL Drilling Europe AS

COSL Drilling Europe AS

We are using the inspectio software on all of our drilling rigs for Ex register follow up. Performing scheduled inspection and repair campaigns as never been easier. Time used and money spent is dramatically reduced. We are so happy with the performance of inspectio that we are now expanding the use to other equipment groups as well.

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