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About us.

Our story is about you

Inspectio was created by combining our inspection expertise with the latest web and mobile technologies, to give you the best inspection solution available.

Inspectio was born in the offshore industry, and aims to grow into any industry that need digital inspection and reporting. Inspectio is developed by Westcon Power & Automation (WPA), WPA have worked with most of the players in the Norwegian offshore industry and gained a solid understanding of what our clients need. As the offshore industry had its recession from 2014 and some years thereafter, WPA took the leap to develop a smarter way of serving our customers. The inspections  took to much time, demanded to much engineering beforehand and after. Thats why Inspectio was developed. To offer more value to our customers through a smarter inspection solution.






Our team

Egil Brekke

Department Manager

Atle Smelvær

Senior Software Developer, Tech Lead

Vidar Madsen

Senior Software Developer

Rune Fauske

Senior Software Developer

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