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TESS and Inspectio Collaborate to Streamline Digital Inspections

In the ever-evolving world of offshore operations, efficiency and precision are essential. Companies operating in this space often rely on a multitude of specialized suppliers and software to ensure the safety and compliance of their equipment. However, the numerous software and technological solutions can sometimes create more challenges than solutions. TESS and Inspectio are on the track to simplify their clients’ inspections.

A Partnership Born from Opportunity

TESS and Inspectio became more aware of the overlapping capabilities their respective software has when a client they have in common expressed the wish to only have to operate one software, while inspecting hoses, among other equipment. TESS recognized an opportunity to explore how both companies could benefit from a collaboration and reached out to Inspectio.

As a result of their collaboration, Inspectio and TESS embarked on an ambitious journey of data sharing. The companies are already sharing data between their software and are currently working on implementing APIs. Through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), they will seamlessly integrate their equipment databases. This move will allow their clients to experience a streamlined workflow, eliminating the need to toggle between two separate software platforms for a simple equipment inspection.

– Inspectio is born from the experience of thousands of manhours from experienced inspectors, and the feedback from a range of clients in the offshore industry. We are confident that we meet their needs related to a flexible digital solution that can handle several types of field inspections, says Sigve Medhaug, Business Development Manager at Inspectio, and adds:

– However, we can not have the domain expertise on all different types of equipment and inspections, which makes it crucial for us to cooperate closely with domain experts like TESS and the internal competence of our clients. The combination of a flexible software and industry know-how is essential to get the most value of the time spent on inspections and maintenance.

Operations Director THM at TESS, Jan Georg Tunes elaborates on the partnership:

– The collaboration with Inspectio offers TESS a possibility to support our customers on an alternative inspection platform, thus reducing and simplifying the operators needs to handle different user interfaces, and at the same time be able to be in direct support of the customer on hose related issues.

Simplifying Complexity in a Specialized Industry

In an environment where specialization, and niche suppliers is the norm, an operating rig typically has a handful of different suppliers, each with their own unique software or systems, contracted to perform various tasks. For rig owners, this fragmented landscape can become a logistical nightmare, making it increasingly challenging to maintain control and oversight.

However, the partnership between Inspectio and TESS might be a step in the right direction. More and more clients are demanding simpler and streamlined solutions on their projects. They want a consolidated approach that reduces the complexity of managing various operating systems and software applications.

As the market shifts towards this preference for simplicity, Inspectio and TESS are offering a collaborative solution that allows their common clients to navigate the intricate offshore landscape with more ease. By pooling their expertise and shaping their gathered data through APIs, they’re introducing a more efficient and user-friendly future for equipment inspections for their clients.

In a world where data is king, Inspectio and TESS are setting the standard for cooperation, demonstrating that partnerships can lead to solutions that benefit everyone involved. Together, they are simplifying the lives of their clients, one inspection at a time.


Inspectio has developed a powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) solution tailored for digital inspections of offshore equipment. At its core, Inspectio boasts a comprehensive compliance database housing an extensive catalog of equipment, complete with information and detailed inspection history.

Inspectio’s capabilities extend beyond compliance tracking. Their versatile software enables users to document a wide array of tasks, ranging from routine inspections to maintenance, observations, and surveys. This flexibility has made Inspectio a trusted partner for professionals who demand accuracy and efficiency in their inspection operations across multiple segments of offshore equipment.


TESS has made its mark by specializing in hoses, hose accessories, wiring technology, and a myriad of MRO-products (maintenance, repair and operations) for professional use. Their commitment to quality and service has made them one of Norway’s leading suppliers of hoses and MRO products in the offshore industry.

TESS also offers a software solution for digital inspections, on hoses, called TESS Hose Management (THM). While TESS and Inspectio are not direct competitors in the market, there’s an intriguing overlap in their capabilities when it comes to the digital inspection of hoses.

– TESS Hose Management is a holistic concept, not just a maintenance system, that offers our customers many possibilities to establish a more cost-effective and safety focused maintenance-regime for hoses. Through our risk based approach to maintenance, our customers can expect reduced downtime and maintenance costs, while at the same time improving uptime and safety, explains Operations Director THM at TESS, Jan Georg Tunes

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