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Ensuring Regulatory Compliance with NORSOK Standard Z-015

Safety is deeply ingrained in every task, project and workplace in the offshore industry. Working in tough and potentially hazardous conditions demands protocols and safety measures to be in place. In the fast-paced environment, such as on rigs, regulatory requirements are incorporated at every level of the operation which also includes temporary equipment.

Temporary equipment falls under the NORSOK standard Z-015. Meeting these requirements and ensuring compliance with the NORSOK Z-015 standard can be a tedious task, especially in an industry that is ever-evolving. This is where innovative solutions like Inspectio’s software come into play. Inspectio provides a digital solution for field inspections, enabling users to stay up to date with standards like Z-015 and automatically providing them with the correct checklists for inspections based on the specific type of equipment they need to assess.

Navigating the NORSOK Z-015 Standard

NORSOK standards are not only about ensuring safety and compliance, but also about enhancing the overall efficiency of oil and gas operations, and are standards established by the Norwegian petroleum industry. They aim to serve as a common reference point in regulatory authorities’ regulations for all work done on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Adhering to the Z-015 standard is essential for offshore operators and their suppliers, given the importance of these standards.

Inspectio’s Digital Solution

Inspectio, a company committed to simplifying and digitalizing the field inspection process, has designed a comprehensive digital solution that helps you keep up to date and in accordance with the industry standard like Z-015.

Here’s how Inspectio’s digital solution can streamline your field inspections:

1. Option for Automated Checklist Generation

When you engage in field inspections, you need to have the right checklist in place. Inspectio’s digital solution automatically generates the correct checklists for inspections based on the specific type of equipment you are tasked with assessing with their Global Domain Checklists.

The generation of automated checklists is a real time-saver. Inspectio’s software has been proven to save their clients up to 86% on time in the preparation process, which includes gathering relevant checklists ahead of the actual inspection.

2. Real-Time Updates

NORSOK standards and other industry regulations may change periodically. Staying current with these changes is essential to maintain compliance. Inspectio’s software provides real-time updates to ensure that you are always inspecting equipment according to the most recent requirements.

3. Customizable Features

Inspectio’s digital platform is designed to adapt to your unique needs. It allows for customization, ensuring that you can incorporate specific company requirements into your inspections, for instance by adding your own specified checklists in addition to the regulatory Z-015 standard.

4. Easily Share with Your Service Providers

Larger companies and asset owners might have service providers perform inspections of their equipment for them. Inspectio’s license plans all offer unlimited users, making it easy to share the software and the company’s specific set up and customizable checklists to your chosen service providers.

Ensuring compliance is a complex but necessary endeavor, and Inspectio’s digital solution simplifies this process. By providing automated checklists, real-time updates, and customizable features, Inspectio empowers operators, suppliers, and external partners to conduct field inspections with confidence, knowing they are in line with the latest industry standards.

In a rapidly changing industry, where safety and compliance are non-negotiable, Inspectio’s software is the key to streamlining field inspections and ensuring the highest level of safety and cost-effectiveness in offshore activities. With Inspectio, you can focus on your core operations, knowing that your inspections are in alignment with NORSOK Z-015 and other critical standards.

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