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Digital Precision with Inspectio Aids Kjersti When Performing Inspections Offshore

Precision and efficiency are essential when performing inspections in the fast-paced environment on offshore rigs. For Kjersti Eline Oma Urstad, an industrial climber for Westcon Løfteteknikk (WCL), utilizing cutting-edge technology is crucial to her role. Since joining WCL in 2021, Kjersti has relied on Inspectio’s digital solutions to ensure compliance, safety, and operational excellence in her inspections for WCL’s clients.

Embracing Innovation with Inspectio

When Kjersti first encountered Inspectio’s software in 2021, digital inspections were new to her. The intuitive nature of the software made the transition smooth, enabling her to expand its usage over time.

– Inspectio is a fantastic tool because it allows you to pick and choose based on your needs, even though it offers numerous features, she explains.

Inspectio provides a comprehensive digital solution for field inspections, empowering users to stay current with regulatory requirements and standards. Its automated checklist feature, tailored to specific inspection needs, streamlines the process, and enhances accuracy. For Kjersti, this means efficiently inspecting electrical EX equipment and mechanical equipment groups, soon to include mechanical EX equipment as well.

Transforming Inspections

The integration of Inspectio into Kjersti’s daily workflow has brought about significant improvements. In a field that previously relied on pen and paper, Kjersti now enjoys a comprehensive view of entire installations, with information neatly compiled and easily accessible in Inspectio’s digital solution for inspections.

– It’s a practical tool because you can sort relevant information, and it’s organized. The data is stored, and you have the information you need for different scenarios, she says.

Key Features Enhancing Efficiency and Safety

Among Inspectio’s many functionalities, Kjersti highlights the comprehensive equipment database as a standout feature.

– It provides you with a great database for the equipment you have. You always have an overview, and it’s so easy to update – it’s a ‘living document’, explains Kjersti.

This dynamic nature ensures that the information is always up to date, a significant upgrade from relying on static, previously registered data.

 By linking the equipment data to the relevant items that you are required to check, the system plays an important role in enhancing the safety offshore. Any identified failures are registered and reported, giving you actionable information to follow up. Through the mobile app you know exactly where the equipment is and what you need to rectify.

– The software helps document history much better, allowing you to see developments over time. This provides a better foundation for assessing changes and identifying potentially exposed or hazardous environments, Kjersti notes.

Support That Understands Your Work

Kjersti has found Inspectio’s customer support to be exceptionally responsive and personalized.

– The support team at Inspectio is great to contact. They remember you, so you don’t have to start over every time. It feels personal, and they follow up well because they understand your work, she shares.

A Career Shaped by Passion and Opportunity

Kjersti’s journey into the offshore industry was serendipitous. Holding an electrician’s certificate and climbing inspector certification (TT2), she started her career in a shipyard, working with similar equipment. An unexpected offer led her offshore in 2019, and she’s thrived ever since, appreciating the industry’s exciting challenges and rewarding opportunities. Today she works full time following up the ex-integrity of the equipment on a production platform.

Her specific education, with both an electrician’s certificate and climbing inspector certifications, brought about an offer to work at WCL, an employer she enjoys working for that also supports her endeavor in getting another certification.

Balancing her career with further education, Kjersti is currently studying EX at technical school, combining her academic pursuits with practical offshore experience.

– It’s great to be able to apply what I learn in my studies to my job. And working on cars in my free time provides a nice break, she adds.

Kjersti Eline Oma Urstad’s experience with Inspectio for Westcon Løfteteknikk showcases the transformative impact of digital solutions in the offshore inspection industry. By leveraging Inspectio’s advanced features, she has enhanced the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of her inspections, setting a high standard for excellence in her work. Inspectio continues to be an indispensable tool in her work, driving forward the mission of ensuring safety and compliance in the demanding offshore environment.

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