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Long-Time Partners EOS Europe and Inspectio

Since 2016, EOS Europe Ltd. and Inspectio have had an active and beneficial partnership. As a partner of Inspectio, EOS Europe has contributed to shaping Inspectio’s software through user feedback and the company also get to offer the digital solutions for inspections to their own clients. Through their collaboration more clients have experienced an elevated digital inspection process that saves both time and cost with Inspectio’s software.

The Synergy of Expertise

EOS Europe is known for their specialist electrical services in the energy sector, where they also perform Ex inspections, which are critical for ensuring the safety of hazardous area equipment. By leveraging Inspectio’s advanced software solution, EOS Europe has been able to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their equipment’s Ex status, driving informed decisions that bolster safety and operational integrity.

The partnership between Inspectio and EOS Europe operates on two levels: direct inspections conducted by EOS Europe using Inspectio’s software, and collaborative efforts where EOS Europe is engaged to perform inspections for Inspectio’s direct clients. This partnership has strengthened both companies’ service offerings and keeps being a mutual beneficial collaboration eight years after they first connected.

Client-Centric Innovation

Egil Brekke, CEO of Inspectio, reflects on the partnership’s impact:

– EOS Europe has been pivotal in shaping Inspectio through invaluable user feedback. Their patience and willingness to collaborate have been invaluable in the early stages of Inspectio, and as the partnership has evolved it keeps being rewarding.

This sentiment is echoed in EOS Europe’s instrumental role in bringing new clients like Well-Safe Solutions on board, showcasing the practical benefits and efficiency of Inspectio’s digital solutions.

More Than Partners

At the heart of this partnership lies a bond that transcends business. George McLeod from EOS Europe highlights the personal dimension:

– We have an excellent relationship with all the personnel at Inspectio and would describe our relationship as friends first and colleagues second. This has been the foundation of our mutual trust and productive collaboration.

Enhanced Inspections

EOS Europe has utilized Inspectio’s software to remarkable effect. George McLeod shares:

– Inspectio has enhanced all inspections on all assets to allow us to efficiently track current inspection status including all failures and repairs, export all registers to order materials, and easily share the data with our clients.

The collaboration between Inspectio and EOS Europe has been an example of the benefits that come from combining strengths. Together, they are making offshore operations not only safer but also more manageable. Their partnership is proof that when companies come together with a shared goal, the results can lead to real progress and set a new bar for the industry.

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