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Reach further with external Bluetooth RFID readers. Inspectio supports external RFID readers as a standard feature. Simply pair with a tablet that has Inspectio installed and enjoy improved accessibility.

Built in RFID readers on commonly used tablets for industrial use are often placed on the middle/back of the tablet making it troublesome to scan RFID tags that are hard to access or if RFID tags are placed close to each other. External RFID Bluetooth readers makes this hazzle free, and are recommended by Inspectio inspectors. Reports from projects using these devices are that they are easy to use and can further improve the efficiency of inspections. Especially on recurring projects and day to day continuous maintenance.

Inspectio supports the IS-MP Mobile MultiPen, it comes in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 configurations, covering LF, HF, NFC and UHF RFIDs. The same device is also named Bartec RFID X/Tectus Multipen, depending on supplier.

Note: The featured multipen is no longer in sale. We are looking for alternatives.

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