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Inspectio launches new license plans

Inspectio is now launching three new license plans for our clients. With changing markets, new experiences, and renewed insight into our existing client base, we have decided to make it easier for our clients to choose a license plan fitted to their business.

Our new license model is curated to each of our major client groups, which will help simplify the onboarding of our software into your business and inspection routines.

Have a look at our new plans:

As shown above, our new license plans are based on the specific area of application our clients can utilize the Inspectio software. With these improved license plans, we hope to help new clients get started with their time- and cost-effective inspections in no time.

For our clients choosing our ‘Asset’ plan we offer a fleet discount, meaning that if you add three or more assets to your license plan, you’ll get a discount of 20%.

At Inspectio we value equipment integrity, and our intuitive software works with your inspectors to maintain just that. The dynamic software generate checklists, helps inspectors identify compliance discrepancies, and store your gathered data for future planning and inspection needs.

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